7 Reasons To Have A Responsive Web Design

7 reasons to have a responsive web design

Almost 60 % of website traffic now comes from mobile devices. If your website isn’t responsive and mobile friendly your users isn’t likely to have a great experience. In turn this will cost your business revenue. You risk losing a large portion of your customers to the competition if your website isn’t responsive.

Here are 7 reasons to have a responsive web design

#1: Mobile usage is on the rise

There are more mobile devices on Earth than there are people. With more than half of all web traffic coming from smartphones, tablets and the weird hybrid phablets, the importance of giving your visitors a great user experience across all devices is more important than ever.

more people than phones responsive web design

#2: Shopping on mobile devices is steadily growing

Consumers love to use their smartphone for online shopping. As much as 80 % of consumers regularly use their smartphones to shop online. If you want to reach them, you need a responsive web design.

shopping online responsive web design

#3: Social media increases mobile visitors

55 % of social media consumption happens on mobile devices, so sharing links to your website means more mobile website visitors. Traffic from social media is golden, and more than half of it happens on mobile devices.

#4. Responsive web design improve SEO rankings

Per Google, responsive websites will perform better in search rankings because they use single URLs vs separate URLs for mobile versions. Also, Google is penalizing websites that aren’t mobile friendly.

#5: Responsive web design adapt to multiple device sizes

This is the very point of responsive  web design. Making your website fit perfectly on all devices will improve the user experience and make your visitors happy. No more pinching and zooming to see the entire website, and no more side scrolling.

#6: One site is easier to manage and increase R.O.I

One website adapting to different devices means that only one site needs to be managed. This results in less costs and increases a return on investment.

#7: A better bathroom experience

Finally, the most disturbing stat about the growth of mobile usage. 75 % of your customers will bring their phones to the bathroom! That’s gross. But no matter where you browse, you should at least have a positive user experience.

responsive web design


It’s time to go responsive. Simple as that. With mobile usage on the rise and more than half of all web traffic coming from mobile devices website owners can no longer ignore this fact. If you want to give your users the best possible user experience across all devices, without breaking the bank, just drop me a line.

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