Infographic: The Best Times to Post on Social Media

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If you, like me, depend on social media to market your services and content, you want to know the best times to post on social media. When should you share? In my previous two infographics I tell you how often to post on social media. This time we look at the best times to post on social media: Facebook, Twitter and … Read More

Infographic: How Often You Should Post On Social Media


I always recommend my clients to keep their website updated with quality content. Using a blog is one of the best and most affordable ways of marketing your business. But having quality content isn’t enough. You need to get the content out there. That’s where social media comes in. Read Part Two: How Often You Should Post On Pinterest, Instagram … Read More

Why A Fast Website Is Important [Infographic]

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This infographic is for anyone running a website, or thinking of having one made. Having a fast website that loads in an instant is key. In this post I’ll tell you why.  In the 90s the entire Internet was slow. It was normal to take a bathroom break while waiting for a picture to load. Nowadays, we stream HD movies from Netflix, … Read More