Infographic: How Often You Should Post On Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn

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Have you ever woken up at night in a panic, wondering how often you should post on Pinterest or Instagram to get the most engagement? Perhaps you lay awake at night wondering why you should stick to just three tweets per day.

Read Part One: How Often You Should Post On Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

Ok, that is probably just one more thing that only keeps me up at night. But if you run a business, knowing how often you should post on different social media to get the most engagement is useful information.

To make all this data digestible, I’ve put together two short infographics to help you understand how often you should post on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and other social media networks.

In part one It’s all about “the giants”. Knowing how often to post on Facebook, Twitter and Google + is very useful when you need to share your content and tell customers about the awesome products and services you are selling.

But let’s not forget about the other social media networks. They should be an important part of your social media strategy. It’s time to look at the numbers for Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Infographic: How Often You Should Post On Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn

often you should post on pinterest instagram and linkedin infographic


If you’re interested in the numbers for Facebook, Twitter and Google +, head over to part one of this infographic and check it out as well.

Best Practices

To re-cap what you see in our infographic, here is how often you should post on Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Pinterest – 5 times per day

Posting 5 times per day or more to Pinterest can help your business grow. Top brands have experienced steady, and sometimes even sensational growth using Pinterest as part of their social media strategy.

Instagram – 1 time per day

Major brands post 1,5 times per day on average. This is probably a good idea, but only if you can keep that posting rate.

LinkedIn – 1 time per day

About 20 shares per month, or one per weekday seems to work nicely on LinkedIn. This will alow you to reach 60 % of your audience.

Getting the best results is all about testing. I recommend testing different posting rates on different social medias. If you see a drop-off in engagement, it’s a clear sign that you should calm down a bit on the posting. Using this numbers as a guide, you should do fine on most social media networks.


How often you should post on Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn?

Using the numbers in this infographic should help you along the way to become as effective as possible on social media. Every business should focus on this, as it could be your best marketing strategy. If you need help with your social media strategy, feel free to contact us – we do help our clients out with this as well. All you need to do is ask.

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