Infographic: How Often You Should Post On Social Media


I always recommend my clients to keep their website updated with quality content.

Using a blog is one of the best and most affordable ways of marketing your business. But having quality content isn’t enough. You need to get the content out there. That’s where social media comes in.

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Fortunately there is some great research on this. This can help you to get a baseline for what might be best practice for your social media schedule. After spending a few hours reading all of the statistics and other great blogs about this topic, we’ve put together a short infographic to answer the question.

Infographic: How Often Should You Post on Social Media?

How Often Post Social Media Infographic


If you’re interested to know how often you should post to other networks, like Pinterest and Instagram, keep a look-out on our Facebook-page, as we’ll be posting the second part of this infographic in the coming days.

Best Practices

To re-cap what you see in our infographic, here are the best practices for your social media posting schedule.

Facebook – 2 times per day

2 times per day is the level before the comments, likes and shares begin to drop of dramatically.

Google Plus – 3 times per day

The more you post on Google Plus, the more engagement you will see. Posting frequently and consistently will help you keep traffic up and engagement high.

Twitter – 3 times per day

The number of retweets and other engagement drops off slightly after the third tweet per day.

The best practices above are clear and easy to understand. Just keep in mind that your results may vary with your audience and content. I’d encourage you to use these numbers as a starting point for your social media schedule. By testing it using your own brand you may find different answers to how often your should post on social media.


How often should you post on social media?

These numbers and answers are great opportunities for you to start scheduling the frequency of posts on social media. Use them to test out what works out best for your business. If you want to know how often to post on other social networks as well, keep a look-out on our Facebook-page. I’ll post it in the days to come.

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