How important is a mobile-friendly website?

How important is a mobile-friendly website?

MMore and more users will visit your website on a tablet or mobile phone. Having a mobile-friendly website matters more than ever.

Just a few days ago, Google rolled out algorithm changes that will affect millions of websites. They now put an increased emphasis on how mobile-friendly your website is. It will be a key ranking factor in the years to come. And being visible in Google is important. Very important.

Most businesses know that more and more potential customers use the phone to check out their website. Yet, almost no business owners have updated to a mobile-friendly website. A recent study of the top 10000 websites found that fewer than 19 % were utilizing responsive design.

I was truly surprised by this fact. As an independent web designer working for the small and medium size businesses out there, I have always made the websites responsive. For me that is simply granted. At the same time, some of the largest companies in the world will serve up a very poor experience if someone visits their websites on a phone.

Have you ever tried visiting a website that isn’t responsive on your smart phone? It’s likely you have, and the subsequent feeling of deep frustration, when you have to scroll over, expand, zoom, and play dodge-ball with your phone, is not what you want to serve your customer. The customer is more likely to just try out your competitor. For the company that understands the importance of mobile-friendly, responsive websites, this is a huge opportunity to attract new clients.

Revenue increase with a mobile-friendly website

Increasing sales is important to any business owner. So the question is; is it worth it to pay for a new mobile-friendly website, when the old one looks just fine? The answer depends on the price, and potential for growth. Econsultancy reported that 62% of companies saw increased sales when they converted to mobile-friendly websites. A company named WebUndies, increased sales by 169.2% within a year of going responsive. Tank Photo is another example. The switch to responsive gave the e-commerce business a 188% increase in revenue and a 200% increase in traffic from phones to their website.

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about what I can do to help you with a mobile-friendly website, or check out the web design packages from Vato Design. Getting a responsive, mobile-friendly, and modern website up and running can be affordable!

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