Page Views Are Down? Don’t Freak Out!

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Have you recently hired a web designer to redesign your website or make changes to its usability? If so, have you noticed that page views are down, or that the time on site stats have gone down? Perhaps your bounce rate is higher as well. There is no need to freak out just yet.

Site owners tend to look at page views, bounce rate and time on site as important indicators of whether a website is working or not. These stats are still good measurables to consider in your analytics, but with significant updates to your site, the stats on Google Analytics may look worse than before the changes was made to your website.

If your page views are down, keep on reading to find out why this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Page views are down 

The quality of your content matters more than page views in many cases. If your content strategy is to have a better user flow, you need to change your content. Your web designer or marketing consultant may even recommend removing some unneeded pages from your website.

If your page views are down,  these factors will impact the stats, not because the site isn’t working, but because users are getting to the content they want faster, and don’t need to visit several unneeded pages to fint what they want. If your page views are down, there is no need to panic just yet.

Time on site is down 

Like we mentioned in our blog How To Write Great Web Content, web users tend to skim the text on a page. You have roughly 15 seconds, if not less, to grab a user’s attention. Your visitors don’t want to read a wall of text.

Your web designer may decide to trim some pages to give users what they want: relevant content that is easy to skim through. Your time on site may go down due to this, as user’s need less time on your site to find what they need.

Bounce rate is high 

page views are down

As part of your content strategy, you’ll probably create more high quality content. Blogging is an excellent way of promoting your knowledge and establishing you as an industry leader. When you promote your blog posts in social media, your traffic will increase. More users are great, but the new users will come to your website for the content, not necessarily to purchase your services or products.

Once these users get what they want, they’ll probably jump on to another site. This will increase the bounce rate of your site.

Not all negative results in Google Analytics are bad. High quality content helps the user find what they need quickly, and fewer pages could bring your page views down. This could mean that your visitors can find what they are looking for with ease, and that your content marketing strategy using blogs and social media is working.

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