Why You Should Stop Using Flash On Your Website


Many websites still use Adobe Flash. If you are using Flash, Google will punish you, and your visitors will most likely hate you for it.

Chief of security for Facebook, Alex Atmos, is launching a campaign to kill Flash, and with good reason. Flash has suffered a number of  security vulnerabilities in the past year alone. With all the security problems surrounding the Flash technology, I totally agree with him. Flash needs an end-of-life date, sooner rather than later, and everyone needs to stop using flash on their website.

But this isn’t the only reason to stop using Flash on your website.

Flash Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Flash is not mobile-friendly at all. In fact, most phones do not support the technology. As I wrote about in my blog How Important Is Mobile-Friendly Web Designmore and more users will visit your website using their mobile phones.

Google will penalize your website if you are using Flash on your website. They have stepped up their campaign against sites using Flash. By issuing a warning in all search results on phones for websites using Flash, Google effectively stops visitors from clicking on your result.

Now if that isn’t an argument to stop using Flash on your website, I don’t know what is.

What To Use Instead Of Flash

Google is recommending that you stop using flash on your website, and to replace it with the HTML 5 technology. HTML 5 works on modern mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

Without a modern, mobile-friendly and fast website, you will lose clients to your competitors, and risk getting penalized by Google and other search engines. You will also piss of your visitors, because nothing is more annoying than a slow website running Flash, that won’t even work on a phone.

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