Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Find Out Now!

mobile friendly website test

Why you should be serious about having a mobile friendly website, and how to test your website. In recent posts I’ve been writing a lot about the critical changes Google has made to its search engine, and how this will impact your website. If you haven’t already, head over to my other post to read more about why having a mobile … Read More

7 Reasons To Have A Responsive Web Design

7 reasons to have a responsive web design

Almost 60 % of website traffic now comes from mobile devices. If your website isn’t responsive and mobile friendly your users isn’t likely to have a great experience. In turn this will cost your business revenue. You risk losing a large portion of your customers to the competition if your website isn’t responsive. Here are 7 reasons to have a … Read More

Why You Should Stop Using Flash On Your Website


Many websites still use Adobe Flash. If you are using Flash, Google will punish you, and your visitors will most likely hate you for it. Chief of security for Facebook, Alex Atmos, is launching a campaign to kill Flash, and with good reason. Flash has suffered a number of  security vulnerabilities in the past year alone. With all the security … Read More

What Is Responsive Website Design


Responsive design is more relevant than ever. But what is responsive design? Let me explain. Maybe you’re reading this blog on a desktop PC. But chances are you’re reading it on a phone or a tablet on your way to another meeting. With the incredible plethora of devices capable of surfing the web in 2015, we as designers have some interesting challenges … Read More

How important is a mobile-friendly website?

How important is a mobile-friendly website?

More and more users will visit your website on a tablet or mobile phone. Having a mobile-friendly website matters more than ever. Just a few days ago, Google rolled out algorithm changes that will affect millions of websites. They now put an increased emphasis on how mobile-friendly your website is. It will be a key ranking factor in the years to … Read More