Why A Fast Website Is Important [Infographic]

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This infographic is for anyone running a website, or thinking of having one made. Having a fast website that loads in an instant is key. In this post I’ll tell you why. 

Why A Fast Website Is Important

In the 90s the entire Internet was slow. It was normal to take a bathroom break while waiting for a picture to load. Nowadays, we stream HD movies from Netflix, listen to high quality music on Spotify, and surf the web. We expect it to be fast.

Sadly, this isn’t always the case. All of us encounter those terrible, slow loading websites. If your business is online (and it should be), you need worry about your website speed!

A Slow Website Can Kill Your Business

There are many reasons why a fast website is important to you and your business.

Here are some reasons why you need to worry about your site speed.

  • Bounce rate. Visitors will stay longer if your site speed is good.
  • Search Ranking. Google will penalize slow websites.
  • Conversion. Visitors are more likely to become customers with a fast website.
  • Page Views. More visitors will stay and view more of your content if your site is fast.
  • Revenue. A fast website will lead to more sales.

Just about every major website has come to the same conclusion; having a fast website can increase conversions, revenue and traffic. However, it is not only site speed that will affect your business, as I wrote about in How Important Is Website Design.

Google Knows Best

Google asked their users if they’d like 10 or 30 results per page. Hands down, the web users wanted 30 results per page.

But when Google rolled out the changes and tested for speed, they got a big surprise! The traffic had dropped by 20% on the pages with 30 results.

The difference in site speed? Just half a second. That is why a fast website is important.

Unpatient creates, we web users. I’m guessing you are a bit unpatient now as well, so let’s dive into the infographic about why a fast website is important.

Infographic: Why A Fast Website Is Important

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