Why We Use WordPress And How It Benefits You

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There are many choices out there when it comes to content management systems. All these choices inevitably bring up questions. Why would we choose to stick to WordPress, and how will this benefit you as a client?

Here are 5 reasons why we use WordPress to design and develop websites for our clients, and how this enables us to have some of the most affordable prices on the market for professional website design.

1. WordPress is open source 

It’s free.  Wordpress is distributed under a GNU General Public License. This allows us to be very cost effective when developing a website. Since WordPress is developed by the community, its improvements and updates are not dependent on just one company.

2. Developed by the community 

WordPress is powered by one of the most impressive and cohesive groups in the web world. WordPress is constantly being worked on by developers across the world. If for example a new security threat is exposed, developers across the globe will work to update the WordPress core with a fix.

Thanks to the vast community of developers, WordPress receives constant upgrades, and adapts to new tech more quickly than most other open source systems.

3. WordPress is easy to use 

WordPress is easy to use. With the tools and power of WordPress designers and developers can create stunning websites faster. The admin interface is easy to learn and intuitive to use, and lets the client manage their own website without ever touching a line of code. Also, with WordPress powering more than 75 million websites, help is just around the corner if you need it.

4. User testing 

With that many websites powered by WordPress worldwide, there are many people testing WordPress and reporting on issues they have found. It is like one giant user testing group. This gives you as a website owner the advantage, as problems will be addressed quickly and solved in a timely manner.

5. Extensibility with plugins

The possibilities with plugins to extend the functionality of a website running on WordPress is endless. We use plugins for better security, increased functionality and even SEO. We are huge fans of Yost, and always implement their SEO plugin on our websites to improve our on-page SEO.

WordPress is the best foundation for whatever you want to create. We have used it to build everything from viral news websites to  rental service and eCommerce sites. But we have barely scratched the surface of WordPress, as the large community of developers and industry experts continue to create plugins and themes that allow us to add functionality, styling and stunning designs to a project.

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WordPress has come a long way through the years, and it will only get better. With the amount of developers, designers and creative people backing up the community, the main limitation is the creativity and imagination of the designer.

If you are interested in learning more about what we can do with this amazing CMS, feel free to get in touch with us about your project!


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