About Us

Vato Design brings professional web design to small and medium businesses at affordable prices!

I believe that your business deserves a high-quality website. By cutting out the middle-man and using a streamlined workflow, I can create enterprise-level digital experiences for small and medium businesses at a price second-to-none.

The interview

I'll interview you, and carefully craft a strategy that we can both agree to be the most effective to your brand.

The design

I will design and develop a custom made website specifically to your businesses needs and wants.

Testing and delivery

I'll thoroughly test your website for any bugs or problems, including mobile friendliness, before delivery.

Our story

Back in 2015 I was trying to get a website designed for my online radio station. After the hazzle of saying "no thanks" to a dozen of overpriced designers, I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.

I developed the skills necessary to design and develop my own website over the course of a year, and in the process I discovered a passion for creating great user experiences online.

Vato Design was created to fill the void I myself had to fill at that time, bringing affordable web design to small and medium businesses, without breaking the bank.
Leo Lunde
Founder, Vato Design

Why choose Vato Design

Free support for two years

Most web designers will charge extra for edits and technical support with your website. With Vato Design, you get free support for two years. I'll make changes for you, or teach you how to do it yourself - and you can forget that dreaded hourly rate.
It's included.

A complete solution

You don't have to worry about setting up a web hosting account, domain name or e-mail. These are things you don't want to worry about, and I don't blame you. I'll take care of that work for you, making sure your website is blazingly fast, and always online.

Code-free self management

You can manage your entire website directly in the browser. If you know how to use a keyboard and mouse, you can edit all aspects of your website directly in your browser, with no code or technical know-how. I call it code-free self management, and even your grandmother can do it.

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