what i'm all about


I have a pretty straight forward philosophy: it should be easy to get stuff done. For you, for your clients, and for me. 

Simplicity is about knowledge. If you know what people need, you can make the solution. 

The story behind Vato Design

Vato Design started back in 2011, when I needed a website for a project. I reached out to more than a dozen agencies and freelancers. 

To my surprise, every single one of them asked for thousands of euros to design a basic website with some text, images, and a contact form. 

My first thought was “this just won’t do” – so I decided to become an expert myself. Yes, I’m stubborn. 

To be honest, the pricing of some agencies and freelancers pisses me off, because I know exactly what it feels like to be in that situation. 

Most business owners don’t have that luxury. It takes time to become good at something. 

In the end, I had my website. And I really enjoyed making it. Now I want to do the same for businesses like yours. 

So here is my promise to you: I’ll make a great website for your business. And I won’t force you to sell your kidney to afford it.